13 Major benefits of moving into one of the best apartments in Norman!

If you’ve been comparing a variety of apartment communities in the search for the best apartment in Norman, Oklahoma, just continue reading to discover some of the key benefits of living in one of the best apartments in town.

Welcome to the Most Pet Friendly Apartments in Norman!

1 – Large Floor Plans

Our large, spacious floor plans are the most talked about feature! Forget the amenities like Woofey World Dog Park, Free Coffee Bar and Lounge, Twins Gym World Class Weight Room, and the Tropical Resort Style Pool, for just a second. Your home should be cozy and comfortable. Our floor plans are open and have room for the whole family! We take pride in our spacious arrangements!

2 – Large Walkin Closets

We offer some of the biggest walk-in closets that you have ever seen! Creature features such as a big walk-in closet ARE A MUST! Let’s face it: You have a lot of stuff! Being able to walk-in and see your clothes at a glance is a huge benefit to looking your best! We have spared no expense here!

3 – Over 20,00 Square Feet of Dog Play Grounds!

Woofey World Dog Park – that is the name of our play area we have designed for your puppy! We built 20,000 square feet of custom enclosed play area for your pet! Scooter can run, jump, poop and pee on a play ground with little dog playground equipment and room to be a dog! We are proud of this feature that is simply unheard of! We CARE about your pet too!! 😊😊

The ULTIMATE pet destination in “Woofy World Dog Parks” has over 20,000 sqft of green year round grass with separate irrigation systems, private keyed gated entries, multiple pieces of professional pet training equipment, Poo stations throughout and a Doggy Wash for bathing. After work or leisure.

4 – World Class Gym – Twins Gym

If you find it difficult to be motivated and drive to a public gym after a long day, you’ll love having access to a fully equipped modern gym. Twins Gym features treadmills, elliptical machines, spin bikes and a wide variety of weights, which means that you’ll no longer have a valid excuse to skip out on your daily workout session. Get ripped at home!

5 – Tropical Resort Style Pool Area

You’ll feel like you’re on vacation year round as the Apartments in Norman at Twin Village boasts a spacious Tropical Resort style pool area, which is the perfect place to relax on a cool day or to entertain your friends and family members.

The Tropical Resort Style Pool Area boasts an abundance of comfortable recliners as well as a picnic area. You can enjoy a fun-filled summer barbecue with your new neighbors while you and your friends take a sweet dip in the pool. You can also relax and soak in the sun!

If you’re the proud parent of young children, tweens or teenagers, they’re bound to spend every waking minute of their free time, splashing around in your new pool.

If you ask your family where they’d like to go for your next family vacation, don’t be too surprised if your family votes to enjoy a staycation at home, instead of flying all the way to an expensive foreign destination such as Fiji or Thailand. You have all the luxuries at home!

6 – On-Site Fire Pits

When the sun goes down, you’ll be able to sit back and relax beside a fire pit. The fire pit will keep you and your guests warm, while you swap stories and toast marshmallows together, or feed them with a nice sizzling steak!

While fire pits are popular during the warm summer months, having an on-site fire pit will also encourage your family to spend more time outdoors during the colder months of the year. Just pack a flask of hot cocoa and a warm blanket, to ensure that you’re kept warm and toasty.

7 – Pet-Friendly Apartments in Norman

If you’d love the lifestyle that moving into an apartment has to offer, but you’re concerned about finding an apartment complex, which welcomes pets, your prayers may have been answered! As this particular apartment is pet-friendly, so you’ll be able to share your apartment with your choice of furry friend.

If you’re the proud owner of a lovable dog, you’ll also love the fact that you’ll have a variety of vast open dog parks, on your doorstep. Woofey World Dog Park is a place on our campus you’ll be able to enjoy a game of catch after work or mingle with your neighbors and their dogs. You won’t have to worry about finding a place to exercise your dog after work.

8 – Free Coffee Lounge

Forget Starbucks, imagine waking up each day and being able to make a steaming hot cup of coffee from your on-site coffee lounge. Not only does the on-site coffee lounge offer a spacious interior, which is the perfect place to catch up with your friends but its menu is competitively priced; it’s free! We offer complimentary coffee for our guests!

Twinbucks Coffee means that you’ll pay less for a coffee or meal than you’d pay at your average cafe, which is excellent news if you’re a student or a mom or dad, who is looking to get a warm cup in a nice hang out style environment. Best of all, you can hang out, relax, play some pool or even do some study if you’re a college student!

9 – Norman and South Oklahoma City’s Best Rated Apartment Community

When it comes time to choose the apartment community of your dreams, one of your priorities should be to choose a luxurious apartment which is located in a friendly, safe neighborhood.

Thankfully the best apartments in Norman are located in a friendly neighborhood, close to OU Campus, easy access to the local bus routes; a place where you’re sure to make plenty of new friends. We will ensure that you feel at home in your new community.

10 – Family atmosphere

Many apartment complexes cater exclusively to young professionals. However, the best apartments in town boast a mix of singles, couples, families, and retirees.

If you plan on moving into your new apartment with a young family in tow, you won’t have any trouble finding other families to befriend. Your children will love having friends who live within minutes of their front door.

11 – Close to Walmart

This particular apartment community is conveniently located within a short drive of a Walmart superstore. At Walmart, you can purchase furniture, home-ware, fashion and electronic equipment. In fact, you’ll find everything that you need to furnish your new apartment, such as a sofa, bedding, and towels at your local Walmart.

12 – Apartments in Norman Close to OU Campus

If you’re a college student at OU, on the hunt for an apartment which is located within a short drive of University of Oklahoma College campus, you may have found the ideal apartment complex. Our convenient location will allow you to sleep in later, without the risk of missing an early morning lecture. That will be a lifesaver if you’re guilty of staying up late on a school night.

13 – Close to Everything

If you’re looking for an apartment which is located within a short drive of a wide variety of shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, and parks, there’s no need to look any further! As you’ll find everything that you need within a stone’s throw of your centrally located apartment.

You’ll even find banks, doctors’ offices, dental clinics, divorce mediators in Norman and recreational facilities, within a short walk or drive of your new apartment.

So if you’re looking for the perfect, family-friendly apartments in Norman which boasts a wide array of amenities and facilities, you may just have found your next home. After all how many pet-friendly apartment complexes boast a Hawaiian pool area, a world-class gym, and an on-site coffee lounge?

Gorgeous Rooms!

Apartment Highlights

Our tenants enjoy some of the finest amenities that can be found in Norman, Oklahoma Apartments! We have some of the most tailored customizations that fit the lifestyle of our tenants. Here is a list of some amenities:


Woofey World Dog Park

We have created dog parks for your pet, called Woofey World Dog Park! These areas are fun, featuring gated/fenced areas with playground equipment built just for your little buddy!


State of the Art Gym

We saved no expense in bringing you the best workout equipment money can buy! You can workout from home and enjoy your free gym membership included in your lease! Get swoll at home!


Twin Bucks Coffee

Twin Bucks Coffee is our twist on Coffee! Enjoy our free coffee lounge! We created an at home coffee lounge that is perfect for those cold nights when you want some hot java, but don’t want to go far!


Luxurious Outdoor Features

Starting with our pool area, we have built an absolutely incredible outdoor atmosphere, featuring vacation like facilities which make home feel like a vacation. You don’t have to travel far to find luxury and relaxation!

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    Norman Apartments at Twin Village has been super amazing for me and my little furry family 🙂

    Amanda Sitam
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  • This apartment is top quality! Find an issue? Worry not, because the support that this facility provides is amazing! I would definitely
    recommend this apartment for your next home over any other place in Norman!

    Matt King
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